I always look forward to my coaching sessions with RCFP. My coach listens carefully to the needs of my children, my families, and myself and provides a wealth of experience and ideas. I feel very supported in my program. The trainings offered have been a vital resource for me, professionally and personally. I look forward to continuing my partnership with RCFP.

LaToya Dixon, Early Learning Specialist, CoStars

ForRCFP has been a blessing to the CoStars program.  Our coach provides thoughtful reflecting on children’s behaviors, examining what they are really telling us and supporting teachers in adjusting our approaches to best meet the needs of the children we serve.  Support from our coach extends well beyond our demonstration classroom and trickles over into all of our conversations and practices across the program.

Beth Wiseman, Former Early Care and Education Manager

“This program is a strong support for the director. I don’t know what I would have done without the Consortium.”

“I truly believe in this program and am so excited to be part of such an awesome program.”

“Without support of this program, I would have continued feeling miserable at work each day…and quit.”

Program Participants

The Resilient Children and Families Program has not only been beneficial for our staff, but to our students and their families too.  Our coaches have helped us learn to approach social-emotional health differently and given us the tools that we use in every aspect of our lives.

Allison Phillips, Director
Westwood United Methodist Church Preschool

The Consortium for Resilient Young Children offers programming that has been an incredible asset to our school! Our coach is amazing in all her support and communication to help our families and teachers in the classroom. I truly appreciate the second set of eyes as the Center Director and honestly could not have made it through these past years without the support. Thank you for all you do!!

Clara Vorbroker, Center Director
Kindercare Plainfield  

Our center has been in partnership with RCFP for over ten years and have appreciated their support and respect for families by building trust and caring relationships. Communication is the key to understanding what is needed to support families. Our parents and staff have experienced ongoing support to help build a positive classroom and home environment to help young children socially and emotionally become successful and confident in life. RCFP has provided our teachers with classroom support and meetings to discuss and provide meaningful ideas that promote positive, supportive relationships with our parents. RCFP is a wonderful organization that helps and supports centers to improve the quality of care in early childhood and we thank you for all that you do to provide for centers.

Cindy Wooten, Director
YMCA Valley Early Learning Center

The Resilient Children and Families Program has been a wonderful opportunity for my teachers to grow in their professional development. They really focus on how we can impact the lives of the children and families we serve in our center.

Katie Roberts, Center Director
Atrium YMCA Early Learning Center

Working with the Resilient Children and Families Program has made a difference for our children, families and staff. The observations of our work with children and families provides a high level of support in the development of children and engagement with our families. As a director, I am grateful for the guidance and resources provided to our entire center. The benefits of promoting social and emotional development expand beyond our classrooms into the homes and communities of our students.

Dayna Coleman, Early Care and Education Manager

The classroom observations and reflective meetings provide me with positive strategies to successfully support the needs and worries of the children in my classroom. My experience with RCFP has supported me with effective, positive communication tools to implement when I have to communicate with my parents regarding a concern about their child. It has also provided me with a resource and support system for my parents who have special concerns about their children.

Kim Thompson, Teacher
Learning Grove City Link

My coach would observe the happenings in my classroom bimonthly, focusing on my interactions with the students, the language I was using, and the relationships I was working to forge with the children and their families.  We created goals and targeted strategies to improve the children’s social and emotional competencies and attachments with their families, peers, and teachers.  Her coaching empowered me to become a better educator.

Dawn Roza, Teacher
Learning Grove Price Hill

I’m very thankful for the Resilient Children and Families Program! I always receive very positive feedback with questions, concerns and issues a family or myself may have. The program has helped me to look at parents from a different set of eyes, which has helped me tremendously! The program has given me the tools and resources to meet my families where they are, which is so important. I have a wonderful coach who’s always available, full of energy, full of positive ideas and very encouraging!

Robyn Perkins
Family Child Care Provider
Coffee Day Care

CRYC is action-oriented and hyper focused on building structures and practices to increase social emotional competencies for children, families, and providers. CRYC has helped to build awareness of the impact of stress and early childhood adversity. Their multigenerational approach has been extremely influential in our region as it offers solutions and new ways of building relationships with kids and families based on a deeper understanding of resilience and social emotional wellness.

Erin Saul
Community Relations Specialist
Joining Forces for Children