Organizations interested in enrolling in RCFP participate in a screening and interview process. The RCFP Readiness Index is a reflective tool that highlights the values and structures that are beneficial to the successful introduction and implementation of this strength-based multi-generation approach.

Once the readiness index is received, an interview will be conducted with leadership of the organization to ensure a good fit. The interview format consists of a tour of the organization, a review of staff, children and families’ needs, and a review of opportunities and participation requirements.

Organizations selected to participate in RCFP are assigned an RCFP coach. Upon enrollment, organizations complete an RCFP Application and Agreement. Organizations are required to provide annual demographic data regarding staff and children and families served, to include age, sex, race, residence, and financial status.

To apply for enrollment in RCFP, please complete the following documents and send to

PDF – Application
PDF – Readiness Index