A parent café is a place where parents and caregivers of young children can gather to obtain support and share their stories, experiences, concerns, and insights.  A sense of community is built as parents engage in meaningful conversations and learn that they are not alone in the challenges they face managing their families and homes.

Strengthening Families Parent Cafés are designed to nurture protective factors – the resources and networks of support families need to overcome challenges, remain hopeful and raise resilient children.  Families become stronger as this community focuses on self-care, sharing resources, and developing strong relationships with children.  Although parent-led, a trained Parent Café facilitator assists in introducing parents to each other and starting conversations so that participants benefit the most from the group.

As a Parent Care Facilitator, you can help parents learn about protective factors to strengthen their families. These include

  • Being more resilient as parents
  • Forging positive social relationships
  • Learning to create concrete support networks
  • Increasing their knowledge of parenting and child development
  • Improving their communication skills

    Upcoming Parent Cafés

    Parent Café Coordinator Trainings

      Offered through a blend of face-to-face and on-line training, the Parent Café Coordinator training provides information, resources and tools needed to offer Strengthening Families Parent Cafés. This 12-hour training includes:

      • Parent Café Coordinator Tool-Kit
      • Connection to Parent Café network or providers
      • Access to KY SF Parent Café resources

      Organizations across Ohio and NKY have been trained to offer Parent Cafés. If you are interested in contracting with a provider to offer Parent Cafés, please complete the Parent Café Inquiry Form, or contact