The Consortium for Resilient Young Children

The Consortium for Resilient Young Children (CRYC) is a collaborative of highly dedicated early childhood professionals focused on raising the social emotional wellness of young children and the adults that care for them. For decades we have witnessed the two-generational impact adversity and stress has had on families and children. CRYC is committed to promoting equitable policies and practices necessary to nurture resilience and lessen the long-term consequences of this stress.

During the earliest and most critical years of development, children are highly vulnerable to adversity and stress. Research regarding diverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), indicates that these episodes of adversity have the potential to cause long-lasting negative effects on children’s physical and behavioral health, school performance and future self-sufficiency. The National Center for Children’s Health reports half of children in Greater Cincinnati experience at least one ACE and 30% experience two or more ACEs. For Ohio’s most vulnerable children ACEs is significantly impacting their wellness and social and emotional development.

In addition, ACEs have a multigenerational effect—the impact of a parent’s adverse experiences can also influence their child’s development and their parenting abilities. Research has explored how a parental history of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can impact the health and wellbeing of their own children. Results indicate that a parental history of ACEs can weaken overall levels of protective factors, specifically resilience and social connections.

Through its advocacy, professional development, and family engagement efforts, CRYC works to ensure families with young children have access to the resources and supports needed to reduce stress and develop the social and emotional skills needed to promote resiliency. Representing Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, CRYC is one of the region’s most successful collaboratives. Member mental health and early childhood agencies support the large body of research that demonstrates children thrive in environments where they feel safe, stable, and bonded to their family.

The Consortium for Resilient Young Children tackles one of the most important issues facing us today as a community – How can we support our children so that they will grow up to be healthy and succeed in life?  The science of child development provides clear answers and the Consortium helps us put this science into action as a community.  The Consortium’s work is more important today than ever. 

Robert Shapiro, MD

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Executive Director Joining Forces for Children