The NKY SF Regional Leadership team consists of community leaders with a stake in the wellness and resilience of Northern Kentucky families. Members are decision-makers from their organizations with the ability to envision and carry out systems change.  They leverage and connect to resources and funding, lead the planning and evaluation of the work plan and advocate for the advancement of NKY’s Strengthening Families goals. The current goals for Strengthening Families in NKY are:

  1. Promote the wellness and resiliency for families.
    1. Offer and expand reach of Parent Cafés
    2. Train more facilitators and hosts
    3. Create systems/structures in NKY to support cafés across organizations
  2. Elevate awareness of protective factors and resiliency of providers/organizations.
    1. Create a plan for increasing access to SF training
    2. Create a plan for launching provider cafés in the region for professionals
    3. Offer provider cafés
  3. Apply lens of equity, inclusion and diversity to our efforts.
    1. Partner with Joining Forces for Children in Truth and reconciliation project
    2. Increase diversity within the membership of this team

The NKY SF Steering Team serves as the convener of the regional leadership team and consists of members of CRYC, KYSF Leadership team and work group leads. To facilitate the best possible synergy, these members are actively involved in the regional CRYC and the statewide Kentucky Strengthening Families efforts. The steering committee oversees the NKY SF work plan and groups and identifies opportunities to advance the goals of Strengthening Families in Northern Kentucky.

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    NKY SF Regional Leadership Meetings

    2021 NKY SF Regional Leadership Meetings occur on the first Thursday of each month. Please see our calendar.

    The Resilient Children and Families Program has not only been beneficial for our staff, but to our students and their families too.  Our coaches have helped us learn to approach social-emotional health differently and given us the tools that we use in every aspect of our lives.

    Allison Phillips

    Director , Westwood United Methodist Church Preschool