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"This is a high-level collaborative project, comprised of six agencies that have consistently yielded strong results, with great potential for wide-scale impact. This, coupled with the large number of children served and the potential for increased capacity of child care providers, make this an exemplary project."

--Barbara Terry  
Vice President of Community Impact  
United Way of Greater Cincinnati 

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CRYC eNewsletter
CRYC eNewsletter

Food for Thought: Monthly resources for childcare professionals

The Consortium for Resilient Young Children brings together the best of Early Childhood and Mental Health practices. Historically, these two disciplines have operated without integration. The Consortium promotes best practices related to quality child care and access to children’s mental health services.

How Can We Help You?

The Consortium can provide your organization, committee or center with:

  • Expertise on social and emotional issues with young children
  • One-time trainings and workshops on related topics Information regarding best practices
  • Support and advocacy for related initiatives
  • Professional guidance in answering questions from parents and caretakers
United Way of Greater Cincinnati
Thank you to the United Way of Greater Cincinnati for early and ongoing support of the consortium.