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Resources for Parents

Parent Cards

Wouldn't it be nice if children came with instruction manuals? As every parent knows, it's not always easy to figure out what a child wants or needs. Young children in particular can have difficulty expressing themselves in ways that parents understand.

Parent CardsParent Cards: like flash cards for parents!

Developed by The Children's Home in collaboration with other community partners, Parent Cards are a helpful resource for parents and anyone else who cares for young children. The set of thirteen cards address topics that children want adults to know about, like feeling stress, making mistakes, learning, making friends, and more. The information is presented in the voice of a young child, helping adults to better understand the developmental stages, behaviors, feelings, and even brain development of young children.

Click here to preview the Parent Cards and download a full-size sample of the one on stress.

Parent Cards can be purchased through The Children's Home by calling (513) 272-2800.